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Florida Teacher of the Year

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The Florida Teacher of the Year program and gala, presented by the Florida Prepaid College Board, is our state’s way of celebrating the one of the most important professions in our world: Teaching. However, the celebration is just the beginning.  The gala and the much-anticipated teacher of the year announcement is the backbone of an intentional strategy to infuse all schools in Florida with exceptional educators who are prepared to lead other educators, impacting instructional quality throughout the state.

Florida Teacher of the Year sponsors choose to affiliate their brand with a program that celebrates excellence in a widely valued and trusted progression. Through our sponsors, we are able to support statewide teacher-leadership programs and expand the influence of Florida’s most accomplished educators. The program enables us to elevate teaching as a rewarding profession and positive career choice. Women and men who choose to become teachers make many sacrifices to serve our state’s children. Florida Teacher of the Year sponsors help us recognize these sacrifices and pay tribute to those who serve as exemplars of the quality of instruction happening every day throughout the Sunshine state.

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Florida Teacher of the Year Events